Hit the trail with Trailhead

What started as a fairly small collaborative effort to reinvent the way developers learn Salesforce rapidly became the fun and popular new way to deliver learning content for many different audiences. Now everyone wants to hit the trail with Trailhead. How do we keep up? Learn more about how the success of Trailhead stretched our content strategy, voice and tone guidelines, authoring tools, and editorial processes. The result transformed the way we deliver doc and even the way we think about the end-to-end user experience.

Meet the Presenter

Kim Shain, Director, Platform Documentation and User Assistance, Salesforce

Kim has been a technical communicator for over 20 years, including writing and managing writers at Autodesk and Adobe before coming to Salesforce five and a half years ago. She currently manages a team of writers whose primary focus is developer documentation. When she’s not building virtual trails for the Salesforce community, Kim enjoys running and hiking with her family and friends on the many real and beautiful trails around San Francisco.

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