Collaboration and Review with Subject Matter Experts          

Subject Matter Experts have domain knowledge that is critical for timely reviews of technical documentation. Imagine the ability to collaborate between technical docs teams, contributors and SMEs, all working in real time to review, comment and resolve issues. No more static PDFs! Empowering SMEs to update content using an easy, online DITA editing tool greatly extends your circle of contributors. All content is managed by the same powerful repository in use for your DITA content for technical authors.

Meet the Presenter

Chip Gettinger is VP Global Solutions Consulting, SDL. He manages a team working with SDL customers to maximize their own global content by deploying SDL’s Knowledge Center. Chip has over 20 years’ experience in global publishing, content strategies, customer experience management, business management, and content management solutions, working closely with industry organizations, partners, and customers in technology solutions and deployment.


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