The New IBM Knowledge Center

IBM Knowledge Center is the hosted technical library application for all of IBM’s product publications. In 2013 and 2014, we presented the first versions of IBM Knowledge Center along with our vision of aggregating millions of pages of technical content and making them easily accessible for our users. in 2013 and 2014, we brought together over 1000 separate documentation sites and IBM Knowledge Center accounts for over a third of all traffic (and more than a third of all content) on

In 2016, we completed the next version of IBM Knowledge, a radical departure from our previous version. Simplified, responsive and content-centric, we designed and developed this version of IBM Knowledge Center using IBM Design Thinking principles and and in partnership with our users.

Meet the Presenter
James H (Jamie) Roberts is the Portfolio Manager for the IBM Knowledge Center family of products, including IBM’s new “one-stop shop” for technical publications on With over 25 years experience as a technical documentation strategist (and almost as long as a UA search strategist), Jamie has also been IBM’s TIE Content Board chair, and helped lead IBM’s overall technical content search strategy and implementation. Jamie is also an IBM user assistance leader and senior information architect (including work on the fundamental architecture for DITA), who also delivered the first releases of the Eclipse help and user assistance system to open source and within IBM. Jamie is also a researcher affiliated with University of Waterloo, and currently is also part-time faculty at York University, where he has been a teacher and program director for the Glendon College Technical Communication program since 1991.

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