Success Factors for Information Experience

Traditional technical publications teams often have a hard time getting a seat at the table when we talk about talent, budget, product, and user experience. Successful teams have learned to speak the language, to engage stakeholders, and to measure their progress. At Juniper Networks, we have transformed Technical Documentation into Information Experience. We think others can learn from the success factors we have identified.

Meet the Presenter

Paul Perrotta is a Sr Director in the Information and Learning Experience (iLX) organization at Juniper Networks. The iLX mission is to create architected information experiences that inform, transform, and empower our customers.

Paul’s focus is on Information Experience business intelligence, product solutions, shared content services, and general operations.

Paul has over 30 years of experience in technical publishing, leadership, and operations and has worked in both small and large companies such as ROLM, IBM, Siemens, Pyramid Technology, EDS, and Cisco Systems.

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