Shifting Borders – Stepping into the Customer Experience

To make networks fast, reliable, and secure for the Internet of Things, 5G, and mission critical security applications, operators need intelligent network management solutions, leveraging automation and algorithms based on deep network analytics and artificial intelligence. But even with the need for new, powerful features, the customer experience is very important for the adoption of new management products.

When the Nokia customer documentation team supporting IP/Optical network management solutions teamed up with their customer experience colleagues they soon found out that documentation and on-product learning account for a significant part of the customer experience. What started as a collaboration to gain more insight into how customers use our products has shifted the borders between information development and product development.

Hear directly form a senior leader how working closely with customer experience professionals extended the scope of documentation teams from information development and delivery to becoming an integral part of product development.

Meet the Presenter
Jack Johnson is the head of Nokia’s global customer documentation organization for the IP/Optical and Fixed Networks business groups, leading the information development, documentation platforms and information delivery for the entire portfolio of these business groups. When Jack accepted the mission to lead and transform customer documentation, he retained his responsibilities in the Network Management BU.  This dual role ensures that customer documentation priorities are balanced between product, customer and end-user requirements.

Jack Johnson is based in Ottawa, Canada, where he has led various product development, management, and customer support functions in the data and telecommunications industry over more than 25 years, mostly in director positions responsible for telecommunications products and management systems.  In his responsibility for customer documentation Jack supported customer documentation teams, strengthened their collaboration with product teams, and represented them towards executive leadership. At the RIDE conference, Jack will share his experience from collaborating closely with the Nokia Customer Experience team.

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