The Power of Combining Forces:  Technical Documentation, Training, and Digital Experience

Ben talks about the opportunities that come from a multi-discipline approach, especially regarding synergies between processes, workflows, and content, the opportunity to leverage AI and automation across silos, and to potentially drive Knowledge Management initiatives for the company.

Meet the Presenter

Ben Jackson is Vice President of the Information and Learning Experience (iLX) organization at Juniper Networks. The Juniper iLX team is a diverse team of information professionals and is accountable for three information functions:

• Juniper University—Juniper’s training engine that includes Juniper Internal Learning (training for all employees and the company learning management platform) and Juniper Education Services (training and technical certifications for customer and partners).
• Digital Experience—Juniper’s external website ( and overall digital presence, including the engineering behind it, content localization, and the product information applications that serve both the field and Juniper’s customers.
• Information Experience—Juniper product documentation, supporting all of Juniper’s hardware and software products and solutions.

Ben and his team are working on next-generation information management strategies in collaboration both with partners and other teams across Juniper, with the goal of delivering an architected information experience for customers and solving internal knowledge management challenges.

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