Finding Music in the Noise: The Importance of Alignment in Executing an Enterprise-Wide Content Strategy

Presentation Abstract
Valuable, healthy, consistent content that delights our customers—this is the symphony we aspire to compose as technical communicators. However, when organizational silos fail to coordinate their content visions and processes, companies are more likely to deliver a cacophony of dissonant experiences. As our content-producing population has grown at National Instruments, we have learned the necessity of alignment across the areas of information development, tooling, and execution. Whether you are a content strategist, a tool developer, or a writer, you can learn from our trials, tribulations, and baby steps toward a harmonious future.

Meet the Presenters

Heather Eisenbraun has over 20 years of experience as a technical writer, tools developer, manager, and content strategist. Her current focus on content engineering projects gives her the opportunity to embrace chaos while she collaborates with others to solve problems of all shapes and sizes.




Sarah Mendez has 7 years of experience on strategy projects at NI with a heavy focus on the architecture and delivery of API content. She has also led strategy training efforts for the past two years within the Product Documentation department, driven by the firm belief that a strategy is not complete until content creators understand how to execute upon it.



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