Working with DITA, Templates, Schematron Rules and Quick Fixes

While specializing DITA to some extent is almost required for any significant implementation, using well-crafted templates and form controls, along with Shematron Rules and Quick Fixes can go a long way into making the authoring experience much more pleasant and the review process a bit easier.

Join me for a quick tour of our Learning & Training implementation where we will briefly go through our information Model, the Learning & Training Specializations and review some of our templates that are using some Schematron Rules and Quick Fixes.

Meet the Presenter

Raymond Bissonnette is working at Énergir for 34 years as a draftsman and service technician, a technical trainer since 1989 and senior advisor since 2006, and as a DITA writer, carpenter, CMS admin and tool guy for about two years.

Raymond started scripting 25 years ago (VBS, Perl, JavaScript, …) and is the tool guy behind the existing Office templates and code. He found DITA about 15 years and has been reading the [DITA User] Yahoo list since.

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