Structured Writing for Information 4.0

The current generation of structured writing tools and practices exist largely in the document domain. They are used to enhance the production of documents for publication, and they can be very useful for these purposes. But information 4.0 takes us beyond the publishing of documents into the interactive provision of information dynamically and personally and specific to an individual context. Creating content for this kind of delivery requires a different approach to structured writing, one that is centered in the subject domain.

Breaking documents into smaller and smaller pieces is not enough to achieve Information 4.0 and will do nothing to ensure the generation of the appropriate rhetoric for every occasion. Rather than smaller pieces, Information 4.0 requires a finer grained and more subject-oriented annotation of information while retaining the forms of rhetoric that are essential to clear communication.

This presentation will introduce participants to subject-domain structured writing and explore its applicability to the content creation challenges of today and tomorrow.

Meet the Presenter
Mark Baker is the author of Every Page is Page One: Topic-based Writing for Technical Communication and the Web and the forthcoming Structured Writing: Rhetoric and Process, as well as other books on content and content technologies and dozens of articles on technical communication, content strategy, and structured writing. He has worked as a technical writer, tech comm manager, director of communications, trainer, programmer, copywriter, and consultant and has spoken frequently at industry conferences. He has designed, built, and used multiple structured writing tools.

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